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Volunteer Corps Nepal’s main motto is to respond to the disaster through rescue, relief & response within 24 hours of disaster occurrence.  To respond in disaster, VCN is intervening in all 7 provinces including 77 districts through VCN’s local community ‘District Disaster Response Team’. ‘District Disaster Response Team’ is a mobile team of 100 local community volunteers to respond during disaster in coordination and communication with Armed Police Force, Ministry of Home, Government of Nepal. The volunteers are trained as per the local and geographical needs of possible disaster occurrence through Armed Police Force.


We also inspire Nepali citizens who wants to do volunteering for the country, enroll them, provide them orientation, training and create a ‘District Disaster Response Team’ and deploy them in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. Volunteering often plays a crucial role in the recovery effort following natural disasters as well as man made disaster. Within our volunteering project we have registered ‘District Disaster Response Team’ and they are ready to serve the country in this tragic and needy time. The coming months and years we are expecting more energetic and dynamic Nepali youths who want to serve our motherland in the times of crisis. Under volunteering project, District Disaster Response Team identifies the urgent relief-needs of the most vulnerable parts of the society. Our team is there when people need us most. They rescue the people; they collect resources- food, clothes, and other day-to-day necessities of the needy and deliver the resources to the neediest.