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Volunteer Program

  1. Fund Raising

Volunteers help to rise urgently needed funds for the fight against emergency disasters and lifesaving work. Even if you’ve never raised money before, you can succeed as a Volunteer Corps Nepal fundraiser. Fundraising isn’t just about collecting money; it also entails effectively communicating why the donations are needed. If you have good communication?skills,?or want to improve in that area, then volunteering for a position that involves fundraising might be a good fit for you. We provide communication tips and tools to make raising money easy and fun. Depending on which volunteer activity you participate in, you could receive information on creative fundraising ideas; e-cards, social media messages, and emails for you to share. Fundraising opportunities are available in Volunteer Corps Nepal. Join with us as a volunteer in fundraising.

  1. Emergency Disaster Service

If you are interested in volunteering with our Emergency Disaster Services program, you will find an opportunity to help needy people. We serve all around the world who is interested for volunteering. Our volunteers play an essential role in our disaster response activity. Our Mission and Ministry are to offer hope to those in crisis. We value your time. There are many facets to volunteering with the Volunteer Corps Nepal. From deploying to the site of a natural disaster we are serving all kind of support for people in crisis. We are working for emergency Rescue, Relief and Response.

  1. First Aid Training

Volunteer Corps Nepal is seeking a first-aid training volunteer to teach basic first-aid to rural people. For example the treatment of burns, cuts, insect bites, human bites, skin infections, fractures, bleeding injuries, ways to purify water, when to seek medical help for various conditions etc. A first-aid training volunteer must have taken first-aid course. The volunteer should be a mature.

  1. Traffic Management

Traffic Management Volunteer program is intended to create awareness as well as help to regulate traffic on the roads of Nepal. In Nepal many road accidents are caused to lack of Knowledge on Traffic rules as well as over vehicles registered around the country. Volunteers in this program have to work on Kathmandu area where traffic system is unmanaged. They work in the help of traffic police. Volunteer will get unique experience from this program. Volunteer can work for the duration they desire. Such programs are very important in the countries like Nepal where traffic system is much unmanaged. Donating your time and talent as a traffic management volunteer will make further efficient in traffic management. Your intellectual support will make the Valley’s road more infrastructure-friendly. So, we invite well educated volunteers from around the world, to help traffic management works for better results, come and join with us. Let’s bring a change!

  1. Health

If you have medical background, volunteering in Nepal hospital and health posts can be rewarding. You will get chance to handle cases under doctor’s supervision. We encourage you to go and join programs in health posts in rural areas which can be much benefiting as most of the health programs of Nepal are centered in cities and there is helpless situation in rural areas. Volunteer Corps Nepal has a variety of health placements to ensure that your medical expertise reach the neediest people. Medical care is a serious problem especially in rural areas of Nepal. There is also a cultural challenge in providing medical healthcare. Many traditional Nepali people are suspicious or do not know about medicine. To improve these situations Volunteer Corps Nepal have established health clinics to provide basic health checkup and awareness in needy communities

  1. WASH

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) volunteer program is create to support and implementation of WASH projects by working with the community health workers with the aim of reducing health risks for affected populations in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene. The WASH volunteer is expected to be able to give specialized technical support, conduct situational analyses in the field. In rural areas, women and girls often bear the burden of collecting water, spending their time walking long distances to reach unsafe water sources, instead of attending school or making a living. Access to safe water and sanitation, along with good hygiene practice, is crucial to reducing disease and poverty, and ultimately saves lives.

  1. Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation Volunteer

Agriculture Volunteer will give you an opportunity to live together with local farmers, learn agricultural practices and take part in agricultural work. The nature worship and agricultural worship are part of Nepali farmers. In agriculture volunteer program you can get an opportunity to learn different native techniques from this agricultural volunteer program and, learn different ideas and techniques from local Nepali people so when you go back to your country you can grow plants in Nepali way. Plugging the field using oxen can be matter of fun for you.  Volunteers interested in organic farming, especially those who have knowledge or experience in agriculture, our agriculture is a wholly organic process using local seed and no chemical inputs.? Organization working in agricultural field to promotes organic farming to improve quality of life of local farmers as well as to reduce the poverty.   We would like to invite school groups, university students, adult and professional who are interested in organic agriculture volunteering and organic farms. Therefore, we request you to apply Agriculture and poverty alleviation Volunteer program to donate and contribute your effort in society, let’s join us.

  1. Non-formal Education

Non-formal Education Volunteer programs provide an opportunity to teach in community schools, institutions and non-formal groups. In Nepali society, a teacher is regarded as everything and has a high and prestigious position. In one hand, you will have chance to be a teacher and in the other hand you will have a good opportunity to have a cultural study of Nepali society, way of life and more, ?joining this program. VCN will give you the opportunity to teach students who are eager to learn and improve their abilities. Students and non-formal groups will also benefit from cultural exchange?and different?teaching techniques. Donating your time as a volunteer non-formal teacher in Nepal is a great way to spend your leisure time.?  It is not necessary to have any formal teaching qualifications. You will teach students who are eager to learn and eager to learn new skills. This is also a perfect opportunity if you want to gain some teaching experience, serve the disadvantaged and help build your own career. Let’s join our?teaching English volunteer?project.

  1. Women/ Girls/ Youth Empowerment Program

Women/ Girls/ Youth Empowerment volunteer program is?design to empower the women, girls and youths of Nepal.  Nepalese society is dominated largely by males. Most of the women after getting marriage they are fully depended on their husband as female child hardly get education in Nepal. Illiteracy makes them unfit for any government or private job and the worst part is the unaware about their own fundamental rights. Without education they cannot get any academic based training or vocation as a result they are helpless and dependent on their husband.  Some women willingly get into this sort of business as they have no formal education; no formal training’s to help themselves for their livelihood.  VCN inviting well educated volunteers from around the world, to help them by giving different kind of training’s depending on their caliber. VCN is working for women and girls issues coordinating with Nepal Government’s Ministry of Women and Social Welfare. You can also offer your expertise through community workshops on educating and training the local communities. On the contest of our country it is necessary to empowering the women and girls. Youth also facing many problems in Nepali society, it is essential to empower youth economically, academically and socially then after we reach the goal of Women/ Girls/ Youth empowering. Therefore, we invite entire volunteers around the world to donate and contribute your effort to empowering Women /Girl/Youth, Let’s join with us.

  1. Infrastructure Development Volunteer Project in Nepal

Infrastructure Development volunteer program is design to construct schools, health posts, orphanage,  toilets, libraries, class-rooms, compound walls, water supplies, garden and play-grounds etc. Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country in the South-east Asia Region, with high Himalayas range, beautiful Hill and wonderful Tarai. It is famous for her natural resources, cultural heritages and hospitable people.  In spite of these unfortunately we have to face many problems like toilets, proper classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, or even clean drinking water. VCN has been working very hard to provide interested institutions with volunteers who are ready to help to build basic infrastructures. In this program interested individuals, students, tourists, professionals, organizations, and other groups could give support in construction program. Volunteers do not have to have any skills or knowledge about construction. We have completed many projects with very successful outcome. Our community institutions as like schools, libraries, community health post that are located in different villages are always looking forward to receive next project. Therefore, we request you to apply for this hugely rewarding. Infrastructure Development volunteer program to donate and contribute your effort in society, let’s join with us.

  1. Research Volunteer

Research volunteer programs are specially designed for college and university students. University students can involve research volunteering work in Nepal in different subject. Organization suggests different research subjects as per your required. We arrange the research volunteering program as per your requirement. Anyone can participate in research programs in different sectors. Students who are studying theoretical subjects or going to obtain university degree can be a part of research. Research volunteer program provides an opportunity to gain totally new experience and knowledge related your subjects. VCN  supports you to receive the information on your desired area of study, enables you to receive a rich and harmonious experience and assists you to overcome the challenges of working with different people and culture. Therefore, we invite entire volunteers of the world to involve in research in Nepal. Remember us for research volunteer in Nepal if you need more detail and interested to apply for research in Nepal fell free to?contact us.

  1. Elderly Care Homes

There are many old age homes in Nepal where the elderly people of ages 60 and above live the remaining days of their lives. Some of those elders are discarded by their sons because they are very old to be taken care of and some of those elders may not have children or relatives to live with. So they are brought to the old age homes which provide them with food and shelter. The elder person needs little bit of help and support in that old age where we have seen in majority of old age homes, the staff number is insufficient to provide care to the elderly people. You can provide them care, clean their rooms, cut their nails, help them in best possible way as most of them at their sixties or above may have some kind of illness or disabilities. You may not understand what they are saying but help needs no language. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering. You will have a supervisor from Volunteer Corps Nepal, the supervisor is there to help and guide you.

  1. Group/ Family Volunteering

Volunteer Corps Nepal offers a Group/ family volunteering program. This program is a great way for families or groups to experience Nepal and get closer to Nepali local communities. Group/ Family Volunteering opportunities can be provided as an activity that contributes for the overall development of community with active involvement. Our mission is to empower marginalized communities, through enhanced educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights Family volunteering promotes the sense of responsibility towards the community; create social networks. It provides an opportunity to spend quality time and learn Nepali culture and share experiences. The volunteers will be placed according to their interest and get a better opportunity to learn Nepali culture and way of living. We encourage family volunteering as it motivates youth, children and parents to help people in need. Let’s join with us.

  1. Internship Volunteer

Volunteer Corps Nepal welcomes students and professionals who are interested in Volunteer internship from around the world. We offer volunteer opportunities please join our dynamic, effective internship programs in Nepal in various field. The programs are committed to professional and personal development of students and interns. Our services on offer are targeted at providing students with a unique internship experience, while constantly supervised by professionals, skilled team throughout the internship session.

  1. Volunteer Tour/Social Tour

Volunteers Tour in Nepal is the best opportunity to gain experience from Nepal and Nepali culture, local community. Nepal is multilingual, multicultural society; people with diverse caste, ethnic and religious background and their culture and tradition in Terai (lowland), Hill and Mountain region is interesting area for the volunteer’s tour. VCN offers you affordable Volunteers Tour package provides an opportunity to visit different historical places, cultural sites and beautiful areas. We have social organizations and networks we can design various volunteers’ tour packages according to their preferred subject and geographical area. Normally we have flexible time for volunteer tour it can be extended and shorten as the needs of the tourist. Visit the beautiful place of Nepal and experience its diversity in culture, religion, natural and geographical beauty, high Himalayas range, different wildlife area to the highest pick on the planet. The cultural and religious diversity gives you the amazing feel of Nepal, where the people of many regions and cultural are mixed with one community. This travel programs for you to explore the beauty of Nepal. Let’s join with us.

  1. Monastery Volunteer

Volunteers in our monastery placements can get the chance to learn meditation techniques and receive an in depth knowledge of the Buddhist culture, monks share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. You do not need any specific qualifications for this work, but you must be a culturally sensitive, because you will be working in a religious environment. And you must to have good command in English language because you need to teach English, Math, creative and fun activities or sports to the monks for around 3-4 hours per day.