Volunteer Corps Nepal Logo

Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) is a Non-Government, Humanitarian Aid Agency that provides emergency relief and sustainable solutions for populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics and post-conflict situations. Since 2018, VCN has become synonymous to rapid response in humanitarian crises. The rapid response is carried out with support from VCN’s medical teams, search and rescue units, water engineers and post trauma experts. VCN provides the vital support needed to move from phase of destruction to reconstruction to sustainable livelihood. VCN focus on Emergency Disaster Services (Rescue, Relief & Rehabilitation) through Act-First strategy, Development Projects (Innovation, Impact & Incessant) through community driven approach and Volunteer Programs (Localization, Learning & Leadership).

VCN works directly with the Government of Nepal, embassies, multi-bilateral donors, institutional and individual donors, international and national volunteers. VCN is Nepal’s first humanitarian organization working to develop a roster of local community volunteers trained by Armed Police Force for disaster services under Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home, Government of Nepal. By working in partnership, VCN aims to provide services during emergencies breaking the vicious poverty, empowering disadvantage people and asserting equitable access. VCN truly believes that national volunteers are the assets to Nepal and their respective communities through which Nepalese people  in need will highly be benefitting.

The skilled team of VCN with extensive experience regarding different Programs is supported by international, individuals and Nepal government funding. Team members have expertise in disaster management, development and volunteer programs in close coordination with the Government of Nepal, line divisions, and district clustered offices. Team members are well-versed in empowering marginalized groups, particularly in remote and disaster prone areas of Nepal with over 3,000 trained volunteers and 8,000 youth resources on ground.