Volunteer Corps Nepal Logo


Our Vision can bring a Huge Smile- “Hands for all from High Himalaya to Plain of Terai”.


“Serving Communities in their time of needs through Emergency Disaster Services, Development Projects and Volunteer Programs leaving no one behind”.


“Promoting Volunteerism for emergencies in Pre – During – Post phases to minimize Human casualty and losses.”

PRIME OBJECTIVE: To work for Humanity, Inclusion and Development

  1. To respond within 24 hours of disaster through ‘District Disaster Response Team’;
  2. To intervene by conducting relief, awareness and empowerment programs;
  3. To provide infrastructure and logistic support;
  4. To help facilitate research and development;
  5. To provide technical assistance along with vocational knowledge.


“Respond within 24 hours of disaster through ‘District Disaster Response Team’ in Search, Rescue and Relief”. Act-First is our Strategy.


  1. Emergency Disaster Services (Rescue, Relief & Response)
  2. Development Projects (Innovation, Impact & Incessant)
  3. Volunteer Program (Learning, Localization & Leadership)


  1. Humanity
  2. Neutrality
  3. Volunteer Service


Our Slogan: “Humanity, Inclusion and Development”

Humanity: It is the foremost and fundamental principle of Volunteer Corps Nepal. Through our national and international capacity and support, we pledge to be at the service of the needy without any discrimination or prejudice. We serve to prevent and alleviate human sufferings. We ensure respect for human being by protecting lives and health. VCN also works to develop mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace amongst the people across the country.

Inclusion: Inclusion is the secondary fundamental value of VCN. Being a large humanitarian network in Nepal, our purpose is to make people feel included as a part of the wider society and remove the barriers of exclusion present in the society. We promote equal participation of people irrespective of their background or diversity in terms of race, language, gender, culture, ethnicity, disability, age, social status, and many more. The services that we provide are equally accessible for all promoting inclusion in the forefront of any activities.

Development: Development is the third fundamental value that VCN stands by. We make it our priority to uplift the underprivileged communities and individuals by supporting them to make a significant growth and improving their quality of life that aids them to lead a more productive and fuller life. We do so by building human capabilities, community well-being and effective community development. We focus on reducing socio-economic vulnerability of underprivileged and vulnerable people so that sustainable development can be attained.



Volunteer Corps Nepal is a purely volunteer-based organization working in Humanitarian, Development and Volunteer sector. And, aims to focus and intervene with our impact groups on following areas:

  1. Relief, Awareness, and Empowerment
  2. Infrastructure and logistic support
  3. Research and Development
  4. Knowledge sharing and technical assistance