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Humanity is first fundamental principle of Volunteer Corps Nepal. It is born of a desire to bring assistant without discrimination to the needy through our national and international capacity, to prevent and alleviate human suffering where ever it may be found in the country. Its purpose is to protect life and health to ensure respect for human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongest the people.


Inclusion is second fundamental principle of Volunteer Corps Nepal. It is a large humanitarian network in Nepal. Our purpose is to make people feel that they are also a part of wider society. We promotes that all people are able to participate in society regardless of their background or specific characteristics which may include race, language, culture, gender, disability, social status, age, and other factors. We are here to provide equal access to the services for all promoting inclusion in the forefront of any activities. Being humanitarian, removing barriers of exclusion is our responsibility in the society.


Development is third fundamental principle of Volunteer Corps Nepal. Our top priorities are to improve lower communities, individuals and deliver facilities for them. Our plan is to promote communities, families and individuals grow stronger, can enjoy fuller and more productive life and become less vulnerable. Building human capabilities, community well being, effective community development and improve quality life of people is our motto. We focus on reduction of socio-economic vulnerability of community people and moving towards attaining sustainability.