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Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) is a non-profit, humanitarian and development organization that has been instrumental in providing access to Emergency Disaster Services , Development Projects and Volunteer Programs leaving no one behind. Established in 2006 AD, Community Development Center (now, the VCN) is affiliated to Social Welfare Council that works in all 7 provinces of Nepal with holistic and integrated development approach. VCN truly believes that volunteers are the transformation ambassadors from their respective countries and communities through which Nepalese people will be benefited by the expertise that volunteers holds and synergy we create making great things happen for the shake of needy people. As core volunteerism, VCN trains local community volunteers to built resilient community and support to develop a roster of volunteers.

VCN is the Nepal’s first humanitarian organization working to develop a roster of local community volunteers trained by Armed Police Force for disaster services under Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home, Government of Nepal.

VCN works directly with the government of Nepal, embassies, multi-bilateral donors, institutional and individual donors, international and national volunteers. Through working in partnership, VCN aims providing services during and early emergencies breaking the vicious poverty, empower disadvantage people and assert equitable access. VCN develops projects together with the affected communities, local authorities and organizations that are active in the respective mandate areas to empower disadvantages groups with social inclusion and gender equality to claim individual’s human rights.