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Ramiya Sada 57 years shared her happiness after winterization support

”Now my children can sleep warmth”. Not only my family but the whole village is poor, Ramiya Sada, 57 years old women sheared her story. We live in this village, Ward-3 of Kabilashi Municipality, Sarlahi district, where many poor lives with no source of income. We work adhiyaa for hand to mouth. We crop twice a year and get only few rice and cereals for a year from land owner. We get support from our children during plantation and harvesting of crops. And don’t send them to school during that period. The food we get from landlord is hardly enough for a year. So, we don’t have any financial source of income to buy warm cloths for myself and children in winter. As winter in terai is too cold and 2 people died from this village last year due to winter. Sitting around the fire is only what our solution is, to escape from cold in winter. One day, a ward representative came to me and said, “I am putting your name as a poor and deprived family who will receive the blankets to escape from winter”. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe that somebody giving blankets in free of cost. No body has given this before. But the day came and received the blanket. I was so happy that day and thought about night to sleep to know how much warmth will it makes to me and my 3 small children.