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One patient shared her satisfaction after Cancer Camp

”I was thinking, I would die from this pain”. A patient of 48 years old lady ‘Sita Yadav’ (name change) shared her satisfaction after cancer camp in Shambhunatha municipality of Sarlahi district. She said, I was suffering from intense stomach pain for two years. As we are financially weak, my family was unable to diagnose properly. I was thinking that I would die form this pain. Once I came to know about the cancer heath camp which was mainly focused on female. I decided to go there and counsel the doctors. Once I went there it was a free health camp conducted by one organization. I don’t know the full name of organization but it gives me a hope to live. The health camp for me fruit very good. The doctors from Kathmandu were very good and they checked me taking longer time. The doctors said me I was suffering from cervical cancer and instantly I got shocked and become nervous because cancer, in our village, means way to death. But the doctors there counseled me that cervical cancer is a curable disease. Once ovary is cut and taken out of the body the patient will be free of the disease said the good doctors. This kind of matter I was unknown of. They further said me that the operation will be done free of cost in Kathmandu. This health camp brought me the ray of happiness and hope for me.