Three Pillars of Emergency Disaster Services

When tragedy strikes in your community, remember that Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) is on the ground to protect and serve you. We have our own Volunteers. The core of the VCN’s Emergency Disaster Services Program  consist three themes. And  these themes address many of the typical needs of a disaster rescue, relief and  response which is adapted to the specific needs of […]


Tornado Response The devastating natural disaster was occurred 2019, 31st March, Sunday evening 7:15 to 7:45 pm. Bara and Parsa districts have been witnessing heavy-force winds. In the evening, thunderstorm and lightning were reported. Then a tornado with the speed of 90 km/hour, killed over 30 people, starting from Jagannath Village of Parsa district to Bhagewa village of Bara district of […]

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