Three Pillars of Development Project

Volunteer Corps Nepal has been implementing Community Development Program since 2006. At first it focused its activities on Agriculture, Health, and Women Empowerment services promotion. Letter on the Society expanded Community Development projects with the objective of meeting basic needs of the people. Recently, it focuses on sustainable development and reduction of socio-economic vulnerability of community people. We are adopting […]


VCN   lays   the   foundations   to   promoting   inclusive   and   sustainable   growth   during   its   work   in   the rehabilitation and recovery phase. The first step is made when promoting household-level food security, restoring   livelihoods,   fostering   self-reliance   and   income   generation   through   a   household   economy approach. During  the development  phase, this  approach  is  expanded. On  the one hand, VCN  focuses  on sustainable and climate-smart development […]

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