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Project Progress Summary

Volunteer Corps Nepal put forward its actions to attenuate Second Wave of COVID-19 from 29 May, 2021 by handing over the relief materials to Chandragiri Municipality Primary Hospital, Kathmandu on the first day. Their project the continued to Bhaktapur Hospital, Bhaktapur and Siddhi Memorial Women and Children Hospital, Bhaktapur on their second day. Bir Hospital has also been offered with the materials on 1 June 2021 and they are continuining their efforts and will be providing 7 other Governement Hopsitals with essential medical aid across Nepal.

Date: 29 May 2021, Chandragiri Municipality Primary Hospital


Date: 30 May 2021, Bhaktapur Hospital


Date: 30 May 2021, Siddhi Memorial Women and Children Hospital


Date: June 1 2021, Bir Hospital