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Volunteer Corps Nepal And Sowers Action To Support Frontline Health Workers

VCN: Volunteer Corps Nepal in collaboration with the Sowers Action, Hong Kong, China, today handed over medical equipment for frontline health workers to the Chandragiri Primary Hospital. Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN)and Sowers Action have been supporting the frontline health workers at the government-run hospital throughout the nation.

VCN: Volunteer Corps Nepal

Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) Organized Program

Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) today organized a support handover program at the isolation center. Which is run by the Primary Hospital of Chandragiri. Dr. Hemnath Acharya, Medical Superintendent of the Hospital along with Krishna Prasad Shahi, Ward President of Ward-04. Chandragiri Municipality together received support from the President and Vice-President of Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN)Deepak Chapagain, and Radha Matangi.

The items included 100 sets of PPEs, face shields, surgical cap, disposable shoe covers, medical protective antivirus goggles. More, 20 oxygen cylinders, 60 pcs of N95 masks, 60lt sanitizer, 60pkts disposable latex gloves, 60 roll tissue paper. And 100 pcs of triple-layered surgical masks.

Dr. Hemnath Acharya Statement

Dr. Hemnath Acharya, delivering his statement on behalf of the Hospital thanked VCN for their support to the people of Chandragiri. And mentioned ‘Our hospital was desperately in need of this equipment. Few items are having scarce in the market a few times. Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) came across and supported at the very right time.’ Mr. Shahi on behalf of the municipality noted, these donated items will further strengthen the Government’s efforts towards COVID response in the municipality. The same hospital is single-handedly looking after the three isolation centers.

Deepak Chapagain: President of Volunteer Corps Nepal, highlighted that the COVID second-wave is an outbreak. Volunteer Crops Nepal (VCN) has been tirelessly working to put in place preparedness mechanisms. And ensures the country remains free from the deadly virus. He further noted that the contribution of the Sowers Action for the procurement of essential medical and non-medical items. Which then highly commended for us.

He pleased to thanked the collaborating partner Sowers Action, Hong Kong, China. Assuring them of Volunteer Corps Nepal for continued support in ensuring that the municipality is free from COVID so far. Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) has already scheduled to support other hospitals from tomorrow. Hope for good.


In Nepal, there is a much reputed Non-Profit Organization that is working actively to help needy and privileged people across our country. The country where many people so far are bothered with the political issue. The country where politicians are busy filling their pockets. On the other side, The only who shows humanity is our frontline health workers and social activist. Due to the pandemic, many people are left hungry to sleep. So, to stand with them and avoid them a hungry stomach Non-Profit Organization has been doing a great job. we should always be kindful to them. We should greet them with respect. We should spread love to them. Showing a feeling of brotherhood as well.

The family who is totally dependent upon income for quality of life are facing a great issue. The saving of poor families is no more left. The donation so far received from an international company is going into political corruption. In the government sector, You find no way humanity in them. Our country is totally crash and ranked on top regarding corruption. Our filled stomach is the credit of their help. So, we should always respect those social activists.

Respect To NGO’s Of Nepal:

We, the citizens of Nepal convey a core of respect to all the emerging Non-profit Organization Of Nepal. Due to this pandemic, A lot of overwhelmed crises in many sectors take place. We pleased with the Non-Profit Organization of Nepal for continue working with humanity. With their work, The people are not left to sleep with a hungry stomach. We see so far all the reputed organizations of Nepal leading space for recovering well with their service. Where the politics are busy fighting for their so-called seats. Here, The social activist introduced themselves and come forward with humanity. The social activist of Nepal is our god during this ongoing pandemic. Take all the required precautions and stay safe. Stay Home.