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Response continues where 32 people died due to Tornado in Bara, Parsa

People in Terai are currently living in a terrible situation created by the Tornado of 31st March 2019. The incessant Tornado started from 7:15 pm to 7:45 pm, speed of 90 km per hour has triggered a massive scale of humanitarian casualties and injuries with devastation destruction in 2 districts of Terai belt, Viz. Bara (highly affected) and Parsa (Partially affected), province number 2, Nepal. More than 95% of its agricultural crops are destructed, 500 Households are completely destroyed and over 3,000 Households are highly affected. Till the date, 32 dead bodies were identified and total losses of human casualties are not yet opened and still many people are missing. More than 15,000 people have been affected with losing their basic needs (food, clothes and shelter). To regular participation in humanitarian action and support, Volunteer Corps Nepal intervened immediate search and rescue operation through District Disaster Response Team and made 5 temporary shelters within 17 hours of disaster in the prone hit area of Bara district. As our motto is ‘respond to disaster within 24 hours’.